The new concept store.

Made unique by a bright and welcoming environment, the new layout of the stores Brums uses an intimate and familiar style, expressed by natural colors and furniture characterized by modern and functional design and soft lines.

The new concept offers two main areas:

  • a warmer and more welcoming area for the infant and the child, with natural and neutral colors, from white to beige, with elegant and emotional details
  • a modern and dynamic space, with bold colors and design materials, dedicated to older children.
concept-store concept-store

Wicker baskets, floral decorations, romantic framed photos with children, the inspiration of the Brums stores comes from the children's bedrooms, from the soft scent of talcum powder, from those serene notes of music boxes.

A unique and quality world with modular, flexible and elegant furniture. In this way every exhibitor has a small window into the magical world of Brums.


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