The franchisee business that is right for you.

Start a Brums franchise could be a great way to set up business on your own account and to create a profitable business in a sector with great potential. PrecaBrummel also supports all moms who want to test themselves becoming entrepreneurs, with the unique project “Moms do business”.

  • The numbers of the Brums franchise

  • 220


  • 600


To whom does Brums address itself

For over 50 years Brums is a leader in the sector of the kids fashion (0-16 years) of medium-high range. Many products, style and functionality, prices designed for our moms are the main features of the Brums world.

Brums speaks to mothers who are careful to new trends of fashion, who look for comfortable and stylish garments to dress their children. In every store the values and philosophy of the Brums world will always be respected.

Why it is worth

There are numerous advantages for those who choose the affiliate Brums formula:

  • High quality products that always meet the customer’s tastes and their appreciation.
  • Abrand of value that attracts a large number of potential buyers.
  • A team of professionals at your complete disposal during every phase of the affiliate process: from the participation in the project , to the opening procedures, from the orders, to the promotional activities and post-opening support.
  • A company that invests large sums every year, both in terms of Research&Development, as well as in the most effective communication initiatives.
  • A quick, easy and efficient management of the logistics procedures, thanks to modern computer services.
  • The unique project “Mamme Fanno Impresa” dedicated to those moms who dream of becoming entrepreneurs.

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