The requirements to open a Brums shop.

Start a franchise could lead to very positive results, but it is a challenge that must be faced with awareness. Below you can find some minimum requirements, that are needed for the opening of any new store and are useful to evaluate the actual feasibility of the project.


What do you need to start

A commercial space with certain characteristics (see below), a bank guarantee of € 40,000 and the willingness to invest at least 500 € / sqm for the furniture.

What does the contract foresee

Duration: indefinite, with the option to terminate the contract from both sides after 3 years, with a notice period of 6 months.

No entry fee, no periodic rent. Guarantees required: € 40,000 guarantee and references from a bank

Characteristics of the firm

The shop must be placed in locations with at least 30,000 inhabitants, preferably in city centers, or highly frequented streets (the first or the second most important street of the city), in shopping centers or main entrances of the city with intense automobile transit.

The format is created for an area of sales from 90 to 150 square meters, plus 15-20 sqm warehouse.

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