A history full of success.

Brums, is a brand born more than fifty years ago from the need to dress the exuberant personality of your child with style. A fashion made of moments, special days, that imagines every child with a dream in his eyes and a smile in his heart. The garments Brums are always designed to share the days of every child that wants to become an astronaut, or a sheriff, a ballerina or a princess.
Brums has been following our moms and their habits for more than fifty years, giving importance to their different lifestyles and their thousand ways of being a mom today. For this reason Brums is careful to new worlds of communication, and looks more and more towards the crowded world of the web. Thanks to E-commerce, corporate websites, Facebook profiles and Twitter, Brums gives a hand to the mothers of today and tomorrow.

  • 1951 Anno 1951

    Giovanni Prevosti launches PREGIO, a small textile company that produces clothing for men, women and children

  • 1960 Anno 1960

    Creation of the brand BRUMMEL, which later turns into BRUMS

  • 1981 Anno 1981

    The company focuses its business on the kids clothing high level sector, with the acquisition of Brummel SpA

  • 1984 Anno 1984

    PREGIO merges with Carol, brand of man/woman collections, giving birth to PRECA SpA

  • 1988 Anno 1988

    The first franchise store Brums opens in Corso Buenos Aires in Milan

  • 1997 Anno 1997

    The first corner Brums opens in Beijing

  • 2001 Anno 2001

    PRECA S.p.A. and BRUMMEL S.p.A. are unified to give birth to PRECA BRUMMEL S.p.A.

  • 2004 Anno 2004

    Brums lands on the Russian market

  • 2007 Anno 2007

    Restyling of the brand Brums with the creation of its new Concept Store

  • 2009 Anno 2009

    Brums launches its first collection Bio Brums

  • 2010 Anno 2010

    Brums realizes to the project “Brums’ moms”: a focus group of 65 selected mothers who interact in a community on line and in real meetings, giving their opinions and suggestions about the collections and about the business and marketing decisions of the brand

  • 2010 Anno 2010

    The first store Maxi Brums opens in Gaglianico (BI). The chain offers a large shopping area with a wide choice of light and heavy childcare, maternity and children's clothing, strollers, toys, children bedrooms, food, car seats and safety accessories

  • 2010 Anno 2010

    Launch of Casting Moms: highly successful initiative to find the faces of the protagonists (mother and child) for the campaign FW 2010

  • 2010 Anno 2010

    Brums opens his Facebook page and launches its first iphone application

  • 2011 Anno 2011

    Preca Brummel launches the project “Mamme fanno Impresa”: an innovative proposal for franchising, designed specifically for mothers who wish to become entrepreneurs by opening a clothing store for children

  • 2011 Anno 2011

    Brums launches Brums Store, the official online store

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