Mothers and children in the heart of Brums.

Mothers and children have always been the only thought of Brums. Children are the future of the world. Brums, always sensitive to the problems of the children world, cooperates with various Italian and international realities. For this reason Brums cooperates actively and continuously with the Foundation “Francesca Rava – NPH” which is involved in different parts of the world. Since 2005 Brums has helped 50 children adopted from Latin America, giving them a new life of smiles and happy moments.

Brums knows well that children are happy when mothers are happy. The project "Moms do business" was actually designed to help and inform mothers who aspire to become entrepreneurs. Brums strongly believes in human and professional potential of our moms, in their incredible abilities, in their way of being mothers, wives, entrepreneurs, in one word, WOMEN. On the website you can find all information about the project. “Mamme fanno Impresa” is also on Facebook and Linkedin, in order to create new channels of communication with moms and for moms.

Still you, Mom, in the heart of PrecaBrummel with the project "A bow in the company", an initiative that assists and supports employees in the period of maternity, which is always full of emotions, fears and many more emotions.


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